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Lucas Ferraz, an accomplished singer, songwriter, composer, and guitarist, hails from the vibrant city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Currently residing in Luxembourg for the past 15 years, Lucas draws inspiration from his life experiences and the captivating narratives that surround him, translating them into powerful musical compositions that resonate with audiences worldwide.

With a musical journey spanning over a decade, Lucas began his professional career in 2010 as the lead singer, guitarist, and main songwriter for the band Porn Queen and Dead Sinners. These formative years nurtured his passion for crafting soul-stirring melodies and delivering electrifying performances. Notably, his contributions to Porn Queen led to extraordinary opportunities, including sharing stages with acclaimed artists such as Slash, Steve Lukather, and Deep Purple, as well as captivating audiences at renowned festivals like SONISPHERE France.

Lucas's artistic endeavors are fueled by diverse influences, with icons such as Slash, Lenny Kravitz, Alice in Chains, and Aerosmith leaving an indelible mark on his musical style. It is this amalgamation of inspirations that infuses his work with a distinctive blend of raw energy, emotive storytelling, and irresistible hooks.

In the midst of the pandemic-induced hiatus, Lucas found solace in creativity and embarked on an introspective musical journey. This period of self-reflection led to the creation of his debut solo album, "Demons in My Head." Collaborating with esteemed Brazilian musicians Alan Abreu on drums and Larriri Vasconcelos on bass, Lucas skillfully developed intricate arrangements that brought his vision to life. Lucas Ferraz's evolution as an artist has been marked by unwavering dedication, remarkable collaborations, and tireless pursuit of musical excellence. As he continues to explore new sonic territories and captivate listeners with his soulful voice and powerful guitar riffs, Lucas stands poised to leave an indelible imprint on the contemporary rock music landscape.

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